Projects :: 1. August 2008

Bittner, VARIODYN® D1, and IMT: Powerful Integration at the Freiberger Arena, Dresden

In the new Freiberger Arena in Dresden, intelligent system integration allows for perfect sound and at the same time speech intelligibility for alerts in just one system.

MediasPro supplied Bittner amplifying technology, an OMNInet multimedia network, as well as a VARIODYN® D1 alert system, and supported the customer Siemens Building Technologies, Dresden, during the design and installation phase.

In the major ice rink, the training rink and the triple-section hall for ball games, Bittner XR 2000 DSP power amplifiers, Bittner SXL control units, and Bittner AX16 amplifier switches are being used for the low impedance prosound system. The 100 Volts alert system is controlled and monitored via a VARIODYN® D1 system.

To connect the prosound and the alert components to form a single system an IMT multimedia fibre optic network OMNInet is used. Via keystroke at the VARIODYN® D1 call stations the whole system can be controlled and selected areas can be addressed.

The sound system thus offers perfect pre-conditions for different events ranging from gripping Bundes League home matches of the Dresdner Eislöwen to top-class concerts and at the same time meets all requirements for an alert system.