Projects :: 27. January 2009

400.000 Watts Bittner Power for One of the Largest Temples of the World

Bittner Audio’s Thai distributor The Asavasopon Company Ltd. succeeded in getting the order for the amplifying technology of the new congregation stadium “Grand Meditation Amphitheatre” near Bangkok. In a first construction stage the temple was supplied with 85 4X700 Bittner power amplifiers. Until completion in 2011 additional 36 SXL control units and AX16 amplifiers switches as well as further 59 of the four-channel amplifiers will be installed. The total output power will come up to more than 400.000 Watts. The amplifiers will drive 520 Bose 802 speakers. Customer and operator of the temple is the Dhammakaya Foundation.

The first gathering with the new system took place on December 13th, 2008, with more than 400.000 people. Even though the system is still uncompleted, sound pressure level SPL was high enough to reach all visitors.

With an area of one square kilometre and an encircling two-storey balcony, the “Grand Meditation Amphitheatre” is one of the largest temples world-wide and seats up to one million visitors.