Products :: 19. November 2009

New SXL II Control Interface now available

Bittner Audio’s monitoring and control interface SXL was thoroughly revised and now offers even more powerful features.

The new SXL II modules can be interconnected via ethernet to form networks with an SXL master. Communication with amps is now possible either via RS485 for long distance cabling of up to 1000 metres or via I2C interface. Configurations may be stored on an SD Card.

The number of hardware ports was considerably increased. The new SXL II now has a dedicated ALIVE relay, a relay for synchronized line monitoring, eight error relays, two general purpose relays and eight logic inputs.

For a better status overview the number of LEDs at the front panel has been increased by status signalling of a connected AX16, of communication via I2C or RS485, and of the SXL II module itself. Furthermore, the display not only shows menu, mode, status, and parameters, but also the number of the active configuration.

A faster dynamic web interface guarantees transparent and efficient operation.

The new SXL II modules are now available.

  • SXL II Front