Projects :: 12. August 2010

Bittner Audio und Bose in Real Madrid’s Home Ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Right in time for the UEFA Champions League Final 2010 Bittner Audio’s Spanish distributor, Gaplasa S.A., upgraded the public address system of Real Madrid’s home ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, so that – for the first time – no additional mobile system was needed for a final.

The system consists of 26 Bose 1800 amplifiers for medium and high frequencies and 18 Bittner XR2500 power amplifiers for the bass frequencies – with altogether more than 70,000 Watts. The amplifiers are distributed in the different public address zones of the stadium. There is one rack in each of the four round towers which are placed in the corners of the stadium. From there, the surrounding loudspeaker clusters are supplied.

The system of the loudspeakers consists of 18 clusters with LT9702 und LT3202 Bose Panaray for high and medium frequencies and LT502BEX Bose Panaray for the bass range. They evenly cover nearly the whole stadium. In addition, two areas of the stadium had to be specially equipped. Below the tribunes, two enforcing circles of Bose 402 speakers have been installed. Furthermore, a dedicated PA system was needed for the VIP boxes. Here, an even sound is supplied by several Bose Freespace 3 Sound Systems, for example by using delays.

Audio processing and distribution is decentrally organized. No modules had to be installed in the towers, the boxes and the side lines. Transmission of the audio signals is over CobraNet via the existing network infrastructure of the stadium.