Going Beyond.

The new AX16 safety-topology creates a maximum of operational safety. The inputs and outputs of a defective amplifier will be inaudibly switched to a backup amplifier. Without the least compromise and for all brands of amplifiers with “alive” contacts!

Digital potentiometers and incorporated intelligence ensure that the right level is chosen for the backup scenario. All level settings will be transferred to provide the smoothest transition imaginable.

The AX16 will continuously monitor itself and report its own and the backup status via contacts.

In connection with a Bittner SXL, however, the full potential of this intelligent backup amplifier switch may be utilized. No matter what the situation requires.

Absolutely Safe!

  • Microprocessor controlled Amplifier Switch for 16 Channels
  • Switching is issued via Alive Contacts or SXL
  • Flexible Configuration:
        1 group with 2 Backup per 14 Signal Channels
        2 groups with 2 Backup per 6 Signal Channels
        4 groups with 2 Backup per 2 Signal Channels
  • Digital wear-free Volume Controls (can be operated manually)
  • Own Alive Contacts: ALIVE and BACKUP OPERATION
  • Output relays with max. 20 A/240V, 100V compatible
  • Comprehensive LED Indicators under all conditions
  • All connectors (PHOENIX) at the back
  • SXL Dataport
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • AX16 Front
  • AX16 Back


Technical Data

Audio Frequency Response:
20Hz-20kHz (-1/0 dB)
THD+N:  < 0.01%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  < -105 dB
Channel Separation:  > 80 dB
Inputs Line level (electronically balanced)
Input Clipping:  +21 dBu
Input Impedance:  200 kOhm
Input Relays:  max 1 A
All connectors (PHOENIX) at the back
Outputs Speaker Relays:  max. 20 A
(both loudspeaker pins are switched)
All connectors (PHOENIX) at the back
General Weight:  11 kg (24 lbs)
Dimensions:  2 RU / 483 x 88 x 454 mm
19" x 3.5" x 17.9"