Trust but verify.

SXL II – that’s our paradigm for power management, amplifier control and monitoring within venues of any size. It accomodates all possibilities and requirements in the most versatile way. Whether embedded in a network or stand-alone, via the internet or by the simple push of a button.

But the SXL II is much more.

It provides effortless communication with the digital signal processing inside the intelligent XR power amps. Up to 15 complex scenarios may be switched by the single push of a button – whatever the situation requires. All that while all activities will be logged and sent as an e-mail – for a seamless control, no matter where you are.

Feel safe through information!

Ethernet is the medium of choice : fast, safe, affordable and available worldwide. The integrated webserver will guarantee a fast and easy communication with the user.

Freely configurable? This goes without asking.

SXL II – The amplifier gateway into your LAN

  • Network Management
  • Integration into Ethernet LAN
  • Communication with amplifiers via RS485 or I2C
  • Independant backup modes
  • Computer free operation
  • Local configuration WITHOUT computer
  • SD Card for storage of configurations
  • Logging of all events
  • Forwards log-events via email and SNMP syslog
  • Integrated webserver
  • Fast dynamic user configurable webinterface with integrated help system
  • Simple integration into object orientated, graphic programming languages
  • 16 non-volatile memories
  • Automatic detection of connected amplifiers
  • Monitoring of voltage and current
  • 8 non-polarity logical inputs
  • 10 relay outputs
  • Alive contact
  • Display of active configuration, alive and status LED
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • SXL II Front
  • SXL II Back


Technical Data

Monitoring per Amplifier AC Status
Automatic Detection of Operation Mode
Automatic Detection of connected Amps
Controls per Amplifier Remote Power On/Standby
Power On Delay 0 to 10 sec
Monitoring per Channel Output Clip
Protect Status
Input Level
Output Voltage
Output Current
Output Power
Load (Short/open)
Controls per Channel Input Polarity
Mute On/Off
Gain + 6 dB to 90 dB (0.5 dB)
Paging On/Off
Monitor Output On/Off
Monitor Level +6 dB to -90 dB (0.5 dB)
Special Functions Signal Generator with dedicated audio output
SD Card Slot (Storage for configurations)
16 SXL and 50 DSP Presets in a Non-Volatile Memory
Presets may be Recalled via Logic Inputs
Versatile Errormatrix with 8 dedicated relays
Communication Ethernet 100Base-T (100 Mbit / RJ45)
TCP/IP based Protocol
Dataport 15 pin Sub-D female
RS485 (In/Out RJ45)
Inputs 8 Logical Inputs 5-24 Volts (High)
All Connectors Euro-Phoenix
Outputs Signal Generator (electr. balanced)
10 Relay (DPST), 1 A / 30 VDC each
12 Volt supply for logical inputs
Alive Contact
All Connectors Euro-Phoenix
Displays LCD for all functions
Display of current configuration
 Link per Amplifier and AX16
 Ethernet, I2C, RS485
 Status, User LED, Alive, Power
General Weight:  4 kg (9 lbs)
Dimensions:  1 RU / 19"
483 x 335 x 44 mm