Products :: 29. April 2010

Mixed Doubles:New Firmware for the AX16

The new firmware (version 0.5) of the AX16 Bittner Audio Intelligent Amplifier Switch allows control via SXL Control Unit and via alive contacts at the same time. Bittner amplifiers, regardless whether they have an SXL data port or an alive contact, can be connected to one and the same AX16. The different amplifiers can be combined as required by the project, independent of the operation mode of the AX16. The web interface of the SXL not only provides information about the status of the amplifiers with SXL data port, but also of the modules with alive contacts.

An AX16 provides 16 channels. If for example the operation mode 3:1 is used, two groups with three two-channel amplifiers and one two-channel backup amplifier can be connected. With the new firmware one of these groups may now consist of low-impedance amplifiers with SXL data ports and the other of 100 Volts amplifiers with alive contacs. This for example is of special interest for stadia, where low impedance amplifiers will be used for the stadium itself and 100 Volts amplifiers for the aisles, VIP rooms, conference areas, or other. The mixed operation allows for a more economic use of the AX16 channels.

In case of a failure, the AX16 will switch the inputs and outputs of an amplifier to the backup amplifier in only 250 ms without disturbing noise. If connection is via alive contact, the channel levels are transmitted. If connected to an SXL Control Unit, not only the channel levels, but all DSP parameters of a respective DSP amplifier will be transmitted.

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