Product Overview

The following table contains all products of Bittner Audio. The listing can be filtered by selecting any combination of keywords in the left sidebar.

BASIC Series Front

BASIC Series

Meeting the tightest budgets and professional requirements in reliability, flexibility, and sound.
Alone or in combination with other products of the Bittner portfolio.

First-rate workmanship and the use of high-class components made the BASIC Series a standard and the choice of many contractors worldwide.

XB Series Front

XB Series

Versatile, dynamic, stable. For a maximum in operational safety and quality.

Sequential remote power On/Off and an alive contact to provide permanent evaluation of its operational condition. The XB solves all jobs.


XR Series Front

XR Series

A lightweight power horse. Combined with sophisticated digital signal processing. For all types of loudspeakers and venues. Line monitoring and extensive control included.

A new definition of powerful intelligence.

4Xe Series Front

4Xi / 4Xe Series

The new 4X – Groundbreaking technology for event and installation! Much more than just power!

4 times superior sound and solid durability, combined with amazing and leading technology.

Audio networking via Dante™.

4X DUAL Series Front

4X DUAL Series

Straight forward. No compromises.
The 4X DUAL combines two separate 2-channel amplifiers in one chassis.

Peak performance in a double pack.

8X Series Front

8X Series

Multiple reliability. Meeting the highest demands in sound and flexibility.

With two separate power supplies, an integrated noise gate per channel, sequential remote power On/Off, alive contacts for every channel pair, and computer control.

To master a complete installation with only one power pack – that‘s what we call a standard.

XV Series Front

XV Series

Made for PA/VA applications, BGM, music and acoustic alarm signals. Stable, constantly monitored, versatile, and dynamic.

Needless to say that the XV high-end toroidal output transformers are some of the very best. The XV effortlessly deals with all situations and jobs.

XV DC Series Front

XV DC Series

Sovereign dependability and seamless switching over to 24 VDC in case of a loss of mains power. Without diminishing its performance or a reduction of output power.
In accordance with the most stringent safety regulations (EN 54-16).

Designed for voice evacuation, public announcements and background music (BGM) with uncompromised audio performance.

Reliability has a new face.

4DXV Series Front

4DXV Series

A class of its own. Class D amplifier modules made of discrete components and circuits! No pre-fabricated building blocks. Powerful without any losses even under the most demanding conditions.

Its reduced weight due to floating 100 volts direct outputs (transformerless) will allow for a cost effective installation. In addition, Bittner‘s High Efficiency Technology reduces the energy consumption to a minimum.

Ask for more.

2DXV300 Front

2DXV Series

Power. Sound. Efficiency.

Take one get more. The 2DXV500 and 2DXV300 amplifiers are powerful, universal, ultra-compact tools for the most demanding applications. Designed and manufactured for the safety of human lives, the comfort of entertainment and information.

Combined with a backup power supply of 24 V DC.

8TX Series Front

XT / 8XT Series

Perfect frequency response and sound. Individually tested.

For the use in XV und XV-DC series and as the ideal complementary product for the 8X multi-channel amplifiers.

SXL II Front


Power management, amplifier control and monitoring designed for venues of any size. Meeting all requirements. Embedded into a network or stand-alone. Controlled via the internet or by the push of a button.

Effortless communication with the high performance DSPs of the XR or the line monitoring facilities of the 4X Series. Up to 15 complex scenarios may be recalled manually or via the net. All activities will be logged and sent as an e-Mail to a destination of your choice. For seamless control, no matter where you are.

The information age meets power.

AX16 Front


The new paradigm for a maximum of operational safety. The inputs and outputs of a defective amplifier will be inaudibly switched to an assigned backup amplifier.

The correct level of the defective amplifier will be transferred to the backup unit to provide the smoothest transition imaginable. Self monitoring – granted.

The connection to a Bittner SXL II, shows the full potential of this unique device. No matter what the situation requires.

Absolutely. Safe!



The NA-1 is a USB to RS-485 converter.
Galvanic isolation between the amplifiers and the PC.