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Bittner Audio Awards 2017
For outstanding achievements in 2017 Bittner Audio awarded promedias AG, Shoushan System Integration Ltd, The Asavasopon Company, Ltd. and Eltek Distribution SRL.
Bittner Audio Awards 2016
For outstanding achievements in 2016 Bittner Audio awarded the promedias AG, the Asavasopon Company, Ltd., the AV-Technik Waidhofer GmbH, Aris Ltd, Fantasy Sound International, and Audiolead.
Bittner Audio Awards 2015
For outstanding achievements in 2015 Bittner Audio awarded promedias AG, Gaplasa, S.A., The Asavasopon Company, Ltd., and Audiotonas.
Bittner Audio Awards 2014
For outstanding achievements in 2014, Bittner Audio awarded Technology Innovated Distribution TID, Gaplasa, S.A., The Asavasopon Company, Ltd., ArisPro Ltd., promedias AG, Heuff BV, Rock-Audio Distribution and Fantasy Sound International.
Bittner Audio Awards 2013
For outstanding achievements in 2013, Bittner Audio awarded ArisPro Ltd., Heuff BV, promedias AG, Prase Engineering S.p.A., Gaplasa, S.A. and Lorex d.o.o.
Bittner Audio is new Dante™ Licensee
Bittner Audio is new Dante™ Licensee.
Bittner Audio Awards 2012
For outstanding achievements in 2012, Bittner Audio awarded Gaplasa, S.A., AV Technik Waidhofer, The Asavasopon Company, Ltd., promedias AG, ArisPro Ltd., and Heuff BV. Newcomer 2012 is Sound Directions Ltd.
Bittner Audio Awards 2011
For outstanding achievements in 2011, Bittner Audio awarded promedias AG, The Asavasopon Company, Ltd., Gaplasa, S.A., TID and Bose Corporation India Private Limited. Newcomer 2011 is Georgian Integrated Systems Ltd.
Mediatech 2011: Gold Stand Award for TID
Congratulations to TID! Bittner´s South African distributor has been awarded the Gold Stand Award at Mediatech 2011.
Bittner Audio Awards 2010
For outstanding achievements in 2010, Bittner Audio awarded TID, The Asavasopon Company, Ltd., AV-Technik Waidhofer GmbH, and Gaplasa, S.A.. Newcomer 2010 is Bose UAE Trading LLC.