Category Projects

Bittner Amplifiers Power Variable Room Acoustics in the New Multifunctional Hall of the Congress Centrum Alpbach
Bittner amplifiers power an Amadeus Active Acoustics System for variable room acoustics and 3D Audio in the new Elisabeth-Herz-Kremenak plenary hall at the Congress Centrum Alpbach (CCA), Austria.
Bittner Audio for the Royal Ground in Bangkok
Bittner Audio provides powerful amplification at the huge Royal Ground “Thong Sanam Luang” in Bangkok.
Bittner Audio at the Meiningen Theater
The Meiningen Theater counts on Bittner's amplifying and control technology.
Bittner Audio for the Announcement System in the New Elbe Tunnel Hamburg
The New Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany, is beeing renovated. For reliable amplification in the special tunnel announcement system SLASS Bittner Audio power amplifiers have been chosen.
Bittner Audio und Bose in Real Madrid’s Home Ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Bittner and Bose make a champion: The PA system of Real Madrid´s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium has been upgraded. No additional mobile system is needed even for top matches.
Bittner Audio for the Metalist Stadium
Bittner technology provides perfect sound for the Metalist Stadium.
Bittner Audio in the Donbass Arena: Top Sound for a Top Stadium
The Donbass Arena was equipped with Bittner Audio power amplifiers by Bittner's new Ukrainian distributor Kompeks-V Ltd.
400.000 Watts Bittner Power for One of the Largest Temples of the World
Bittner Audio amplifiers deliver the necessary sound pressure level for one of the largest temples world-wide. The Grand Meditation Amphitheatre near Bangkok seats up to one million visitors.
Bittner and VARIODYN D1: Power Play at the Helios Arena
MediasPro supplied the amplifying technology and an alert system for the new Helios Arena.
Bittner, VARIODYN® D1, and IMT: Powerful Integration at the Freiberger Arena, Dresden
MediasPro supplied Bittner amplifying technology, an OMNInet multimedia network, as well as a VARIODYN® D1 alert system for the new Freiberger Arena in Dresden.