Products :: 18. May 2010

4X DUAL Series: Two in One

The new Bittner Audio 4X DUAL power amplifiers are available with an output power of 4X400 (4 x 450 Watts at 4 Ohms) or 4X600 (4 x 630 Watts at 4 Ohms). Two separate power supplies with high-end toroidal transformers per four channels guarantee that every 4X Dual combines the power and safety of two 2-channel amplifiers in one chassis.

Further features are: Protection circuits for DC, LF, HF, thermal, short circuit, current limiter, 3 ms muting delay, LED indications for Signal, Clip, Protect und Power, temperature controlled, variable speed low noise fans, softstart, sequential remote power on, digital wear-free volume controls (can be operated manually), integrated switchable noise gate for every channel, and SXL data port. All connections are detachable. Controls are from the back panel only.

The 4X DUAL amplifiers are ideally suited for installed applications with a relatively lower output power compared to the approved 4X700 und 4X1400 Bittner Audio power amplifiers.

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