Projects :: 17. September 2012

Bittner Audio at the Meiningen Theater

The great hall of the Meiningen Court Theater, South Thuringia, Germany, was reconstructed in 2011. Bittner Audio amplifying technology was supplied by MediasPro on behalf of Sigma & TBL Kommunikationstechnik GmbH, Chemnitz.

Six Bittner multi-channel 8X400 amplifiers were installed for sound effects. In addition six Bittner power amplifiers XR1500 with DSP are used as part of the main sound system.

The XR amplifiers are monitored and controlled by a Bittner SXL II control unit. Presets of the amplifiers can be activated via Browser or a Crestron media control system. Thus parts of the sound system can for example be used for stage managing functions.

  • Meininger Theater
    Photo: foto-ed