Products :: 28. April 2014

25 Years Bittner Audio: All about Sound and Power

Over the past 25 years Bittner has proven her capacity to deliver amplifiers with superior sound and performance. At the prolight+sound Bittner started into her anniversary with developments targeting at traditional and at new markets.

The new 4X power amplifiers are available as event or installation versions, both with Dante™ option. The amplifiers deliver 4x 1200 and 4x 2000 watts at 4 Ω.

The “i” version (installation) comes with rear controls and Phoenix in- and outputs.

The “e” version (event) features front controls as well as XLR and Speakon ports in the rear.

Further features are sequential remote power on/off, impedance monitoring, two alive contacts as well as an SXL port für monitoring and control with the Bittner SXL II control unit.

  • 4Xi Series Back
  • 4Xe Series Back