Company :: 4. May 2015

Bittner Audio Awards 2014

At the Bittner Distributor Meeting in April 2015 managing director Joachim Schwarz awarded eight partners for their outstanding achievements in distribution in 2014.

For absolutely extraordinary results Bittner´s South African partner Technology Innovated Distribution TID was awarded Bittner Contractor of the Year 2014.

Bittner´s Spanish distributor Gaplasa, S.A., received the Bittner Business Partner of the Year Award 2014 for outstanding loyalty, reliability and commitment.

For their outstanding projects, Bittner´s Thai distributor The Asavasopon Company, Ltd. received the Bittner Integrator of the Year Award 2014.

ArisPro Ltd., Bittner´s Russian distributor, was awarded the Bittner Loyalty Award 2014.

Bittner´s Swiss distributor promedias AG was awarded Bittner Highest Sales per Capita Award 2014.

The Bittner Supporter of the Year Award 2014 for special support went to Bittner´s Benelux partner Heuff BV.

For their longtime cooperation Rock-Audio Distribution, France, received the Bittner Special Recognition Award 2014.

For outstanding commitment in the first year of their partnership, Bittner´s Taiwanese partner Fantasy Sound International got honoured as Bittner Newcomer of the Year 2014.

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