4X DUAL Series

Two For One.

No Compromise. The 4X DUAL combines the power and the safety of two completely separate amplifiers in one chassis.

Wear-free digital potentiometers, an integrated Noise Gate per channel, sequential remote power on, computer control, detachable connectors.

That’s what we call Intelligent Power!

  • Up to 4x 600 W in only 2 RU
  • 2 separate stereo amplifiers
  • 2 separate power supplies
  • 2 High-End toroidal transformers
  • Ideal for fixed installations: Controls from the back panel only
  • High Tech SMT Design
  • Protection Circuits: DC, LF, HF, Thermal, Short Circuit, Current Limiter, 3 ms Muting Delay
  • All inputs and outputs pluggable
  • LED indicators for SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT, POWER
  • Temperature controlled, variable speed low noise fans
  • Softstart
  • Sequential Remote Power On
  • Digital wear-free Volume Controls (can be operated manually)
  • SXL Dataport
  • Noise Gate (switchable)
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 4X DUAL Series Front
  • 4X DUAL Series Back


Technical Data

Burst per Channel 1 kHzW8 Ω290380
4 Ω450630
Output Power per Chan. 20 Hz - 20 kHz 0.1% THDW8 Ω230290
4 Ω310370
Output Power per Chan. 1 kHz / 1% THDW8 Ω240310
4 Ω320420
Output Power bridged 20 Hz - 20 kHz / 0.1% THDW16 Ω460600
8 Ω620820
Frequency Response Full PowerdB20 Hz00
20 kHz-0.2-0.2
THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz 10 dB below Full Power%<0.030.03
THD 1 kHz Full Power%<0.040.04
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 20 Hz - 20 kHzdB>103103
Channel SeparationdB>8080
Input SensitivitydBu+6+6
Input ClippingdBu2121
Input Impedance2020
Voltage GaindB31.432.4
Damping Factor4 Ω800800
Cooling Fans (temperature controlled)front22
Idle CurrentA230 V0.30.3
Power Consumption 1/8 Load (Speech)A8 Ω2.12.6
4 Ω2.93.8
Power Consumption 1/3 Load (compressed Music)A8 Ω4.96.3
4 Ω6.98.9
Power Consumption Full PowerA8 Ω8.411.0
4 Ω11.916.0
Heat Dissipation (Idle)W5050
Heat Dissipation 1/8 Load (Speech)W8 Ω230300
4 Ω360500
Heat Dissipation 1/3 Load (compressed Music)W8 Ω490710
4 Ω7901160
Heat Dissipation Full PowerW8 Ω670900
4 Ω11501660
SXL DataportI2C
Remote Power Onyes
Alive Contactno
Backup Power24 V DCno
Weight (net)kg1920
Power RequirementsV210-240