Products :: 2. October 2018

Bittner 2DXV: Compact, efficient and flexible

Designed and manufactured for the safety of human lives and the comfort of entertainment and information: The class D 2-channel power amplifiers of the new Bittner 2DXV series are universal tools for the most demanding applications. Two models are available: The 2DXV500 with 2×500 watts and the 2DXV300 with a standard setting of 2×300 watts, both at 100 or 70 volts each. The 2DXV300 adds a mono mode with 1×600 watts at 100/70 volts or at 8 ohms.

The amplifiers are housed in a compact chassis of only 30 cm depth. Thanks to a high-efficient switching power supply and the sleep mode the efficiency is higher than 80%.

Further features are: 70/100 V switchable, 24 V backup power, full continuous output even during battery operation, direct output (no transformers), alive contacts for the amplifier, mains and 24 V supply, switchable 70 Hz high pass filter, sleep mode, softstart, and sequential remote power on/off.

The new amplifiers are available on request.