Company Profile

Bittner Audio was founded in 1989 by the engineer Jozef Viskupič, who already had many years of experience in the development of power amplifiers and peripheral audio equipment.

After the first years with only two employees, Bittner Audio developed into a modern manufacturing site with about 60 highly qualified and motivated co-workers. Situated in the vicinity of the Slovak capital Bratislava, the new plant has been built and furnished to accommodate the latest developments in manufacturing and logistics. Lean manufacturing with mobile and flexible production teams, Just-In-Time delivery and a design that fully utilizes the advantages of SMT assembly, allow for highest production standards combined with competitive pricing.

In spite of the cruel competition in the amplifier market, Bittner Audio has been able to carve its place, due to the great sound, sensible granulation of power ratings and the ultimate reliability of all its power amplifier series, even under the most demanding situations.

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