Social and Environmental Responsibility

Bittner Audio feels obliged to act as responsible as possible. This includes all aspects of the manufacturing processes – social, ecological and economical.

We feel that Bittner is responsible to offer her employees a wide field of possibilities to improve their skills. High quality working conditions are directly coupled to the quality of our products and the fulfillment of the corporate objectives.

As an internationally active manufacturer we feel the importance to strengthen personal freedom and human dignity. In addition, Bittner supports numerous organizations and institutions.

Bittner accepts the growing responsibility for man and nature and avoids the use of unethically produced components and goods.

We feel obliged to go beyond all environmental laws and regulations. Environmentally friendly production technologies, choice components, highly efficient products and the avoidance of critical substances (ROHS) are at the core of our efforts. The longevity and reusability of our products prevents unnecessary electrical waste.

Bittner views herself as a responsible provider of smart and innovative products that meet and exceed the challenges of our time.

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