Bittner is a Synonym for Superior Sound and Durable Quality

Bittner offers products that combine sophisticated electronics with superior sound and longevity.

Our engineers strive to design robust and reliable products. This includes the endeavor to improve their own accomplishments.

Partnership and Competence – the Foundation of Trust

Bittner Audio is your partner. Competent and forthright.

The development of new products is based on a close cooperation with our customers and their needs. It is the target of our efforts to provide cost-effective and future-oriented products.

Service – a Question of Attitude

There’s no better service than the one not needed.

However, in case it is needed a fast, cost-effective and straight forward response to the problem is of the highest priority to our service team. Without arguments or hairsplitting.

Complacent customers are the core of our efforts – without compromise!

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