4Xi / 4Xe Series

As you like it.

The new 4X – Groundbreaking technology for event and installation! Much more than just power!

4x superior sound and solid durability, combined with amazing and leading technology. The next challenge may come!

Audio networking via Dante™ (optional). Control via Ethernet (with SXL II) – worldwide diagnostics and maintenance via the Internet. Mission Possible!

Four in one: front or rear controls, analog or digital inputs (whatever the application requires). XLR or Phoenix input connectors, Speakon or Phoenix output connectors – the concept of the 4X is as flexible as its applications.

  • Up to 4x 2000 W in only 2 RU
  • For event (e version) or installation (i version)
  • Impedance measurement
  • Selectable Clip Limiter (hard/soft)
  • 4-channel Dante™ Inputs (optional)
  • SXL II Dataport (RS485)
  • High Tech SMT Design
  • Excellent sound and superior impulse response
  • 2 separate stereo amplifiers
  • Ready for 2 Ohm operation
  • Protection Circuits: DC, LF, HF, Thermal, Short Circuit, Current Limiter, 3 ms Muting Delay
  • XLR inputs and Speakon outputs (e version)
  • Phoenix in- and outputs (i version)
  • High-End switched power supply with PFC
  • LED indicators for SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT, POWER
  • Temperature controlled, variable speed low noise fans
  • Digital wear-free Volume Controls (can be operated manually)
  • Selectable Stereo/Bridged Mode
  • Softstart
  • Sequential Remote Power On
  • 2 Alive Contacts
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 4Xi Series Front
  • 4Xi Series Back
  • 4Xe Series Front
  • 4Xe Series Back


Technical Data

4Xi / 4Xe
Burst per Channel 1 kHzW8 Ω630820
4 Ω10001300
2 Ω14002000
Output Power per Chan. 20 Hz - 20 kHz 0.1% THDW8 Ω540700
4 Ω8901160
2 Ω11501650
Output Power per Chan. 1 kHz / 1% THDW8 Ω600770
4 Ω9801280
2 Ω12601820
Output Power bridged 20 Hz - 20 kHz 0.1% THDW16 Ω10301350
8 Ω17102160
4 Ω22703140
Frequency Response Full PowerdB20 Hz00
20 kHz-0.5-0.5
THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz 10 dB below Full Power%<0.020.02
THD 1 kHz Full Power%<0.030.03
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 20 Hz - 20 kHzdB>100100
Channel SeparationdB>7575
Input SensitivitydBu+4+4
Input ClippingdBu2020
Input Impedance2020
Voltage GaindB3434
Damping Factor4 Ω700700
Cooling Fans (temperature controlled)front22
Idle CurrentA0.70.7
Power Consumption 1/8 Load (Speech)A8 Ω5.56.0
4 Ω8.59.0
2 Ω11.012.0
Power Consumption 1/3 Load (compressed Music)A8 Ω11.014.0
4 Ω17.523.0
2 Ω21.526.5
Power Consumption Full PowerA8 Ω19.023.0
4 Ω>30>30
2 Ω>30>30
Heat Dissipation (Idle)W8080
Heat Dissipation 1/8 Load (Speech)W8 Ω460500
4 Ω800850
2 Ω12001300
Heat Dissipation 1/3 Load (compressed Music)W8 Ω9501300
4 Ω16502300
2 Ω19002750
Heat Dissipation Full PowerW8 Ω10001350
4 Ω------
2 Ω------
SXL DataportRS485
Remote Power Onyes
Alive Contactyes
Weight (net)kg1516
Power RequirementsV210-240